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My bike was stolen! Will home insurance reimburse me?

Our team at Hall Insurance hates thieves! Unfortunately, even those neighborhoods in Panama City Beach, FL and its nearby areas with good security fall victim to property theft from time to time. This includes bike theft as even bikes locked up or considered secure in a locked fenced-in area can be stolen. The good news is that if your bike is stolen, your home insurance may step in to help recover the costs. The following is a look at what you’ll need to know about your home insurance policy to see what and how much they can help in the event of a stolen bike:

Understanding the Terms of a Home Insurance Policy for Bike Theft

Most importantly, if your bike is stolen from your property, the very first thing you need to do is to call the non-emergency police number and have an officer come out to file a police report. Having a police report in hand about your stolen bike makes it easier to claim your bike should you find it trying to be re-sold at a pawn shop, used bike store, or by an individual online. Most insurers will also require a police report in order to start the claim process on a stolen item.

Other things to look at when filing a claim with your home insurance company for a stolen bike are:

  • Personal property coverage. This is the specific type of coverage that will be used to reimburse you for a stolen bike. Some policies will only reimburse stolen property that was stolen from the home or a locked garage. 
  • Proof of ownership and value. When filing a claim, you’ll likely need to show a picture of you with the bike or a receipt listing you as the owner. This receipt will also be used to determine the value of the bike.

Learn More About Home Insurance

For more information about what is and isn’t typically covered by your Panama City Beach, FL or other Florida neighborhood home insurance policy, give our team at Hall Insurance a call!

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