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The Risks of Flood Damage to Vehicles

If you live in Panama City Beach, FL, then you understand the extreme and often unpredictable nature of the weather. More specifically, water damage is something to your vehicle is something every auto owner should be aware of. Below are some of the most common risks of vehicle flood damage and how Hall Insurance can help.

Damage To Your Interior

One of the major risks of flood damage to vehicles is the potential damage to the interior. Water entering your vehicle can quickly seep into every nook and cranny, causing extensive harm to your upholstery, carpets, and electronic components. The moisture can penetrate deeply into these materials, leading to mold growth and unpleasant odors if not addressed promptly. Seats may become saturated, leaving behind stains that are not only unsightly but also difficult to remove completely. Water often carries debris, such as dirt and sediment, which can get trapped in various parts of your car’s interior. This accumulation might result in permanent discoloration or even degradation of certain surfaces. Electrical systems within your vehicle are also at risk during a flooding incident.

Smoke And Unusual Noises

Driving a car with water damage can cause smoke and unusual noises. When water enters the engine or exhaust system, it can create steam and smoke as the heat from these components starts to evaporate the moisture. This is a clear sign of an issue with your car’s mechanical systems, and driving in this condition could lead to further damage.

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Tips to Keep Your Florida Roof Safe

One of the most expensive home repairs you can get on your Florida home is replacing the roof. Since Panama City Beach, FL experiences mild to warm weather all year, the damage from the sun can be extensive if not maintained. With the right maintenance practices throughout the year, you can maximize the longevity of your roof and keep the rest of your home safe from leaks and water damage. 

Inspect Your Roof Twice

Since snow and ice are not as common as the heat in Florida, you want to give your roof a thorough inspection during the Spring before the weather gets too warm and again in December after hurricane season. Most roof damage comes from the heat damaging shingles, or too much wind and rain from the recent hurricane season. 

Replace Missing or Damaged Shingles

If you find that you are missing several shingles during your inspection, or the heat has destroyed some, you need to have them replaced right away, even if it is just a handful of shingles. It only takes a small area to allow water into your home and cause mold and mildew.

Have It Waterproofed

Roofers in Florida offer a waterproofing service to homes before the summer heat set in so that the damage is minimal to your roof and the chance of collapse is heavily reduced. Too much moisture mixed with heat in Florida can cause a roof to collapse in the middle of the summer. 

Clean Your Drains and Gutters

When you do your biannual inspection on your roof, you need to clean out any build-up from leaves and debris in your drains and gutters. If they become clogged, they will allow water to sit and that can back up onto your roof, causing further damage. 

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