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Florida Flood insurance coverage

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Flood Insurance in Florida

Flood insurance in Florida is a household conversation, and that is because Florida is considered a federal flood zone. That means that anybody in Florida can and should purchase flood insurance. That applies to renters as well. At Hall Insurance, we want Panama City Beach, FL residents to feel secure in their homes and covered when there is a risk.

Home Insurance Coverage

Your home insurance or renters' insurance policy may include some coverage for weather and fire damage. That generally includes fire, windstorm, and lightning.

Things that are not covered by your home insurance or renters' insurance are floods and earthquakes.

Bay County Flood Insurance Coverage

Depending on where you live or own property, your mortgage lender or landlord may require that you get flood insurance. It is not going to be required in every area in Florida.

Bay County is located on the coast and has a 100 percent multi-year likelihood of a flood of 7 feet or more above the current high tide line. There are approximately 400 residents in Bay County, where Panama City Beach is located, living below this level.

Flood insurance can help repair electrical systems, replace or repair appliances, repair interior d├ęcor from cabinets and flooring to window treatments, and repair or replace outdoor shelters or buildings such as a shed or detached garage.

Natural Disasters and Federal Assistance

A common question for those seeking flood insurance is whether federal assistance can help instead of paying for flood insurance. The answer is yes and no. Federal assistance in the wake of a natural disaster is available as a loan for those that need funds after a hurricane or flooding caused by tidal waves and storm surges.

For that funding to be available, the president must first declare the flood a natural disaster. Further, it is a loan that you will be paying back for a set number of years.

Consider Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a safer choice for protecting you against loss and damage in the event of a flood. At Hall Insurance, we know a flood in your Panama City Beach, FL home is a crisis. Call us today for a quote and give yourself some peace of mind on the dangers of flooding in your zone.


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