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How Does Commercial Insurance Relate To Certain Properties?

On your way to work, have you ever wondered if that hospital over there has insurance? They certainly ask for yours, don’t they? How about that farm? Is the land insured or just the buildings? You’re pretty sure they’re all covered by some type of insurance, but what type? Hall Insurance in Panama City Beach, FL is happy to help.

Insurance Coverage For Commercial Properties

Commercial insurance relates to buildings and land that serve a commercial purpose. This could include hospitals, office buildings, retail stores, Sam’s Club, warehouses on the river, doctor offices, hotels, farms, and apartment buildings to name just a few. What else does commercial insurance do?

What About The Grass Upon Which A Business Sits?

Earthquakes and floods aren’t rare. They are infrequent enough, though, that insurance companies ask for flood insurance as well as earthquake insurance for your business. 

Hurricanes, on the other hand, are regularly scheduled, so to speak. There’s a warning when one is approaching an area. There are things to do that help protect a building in a hurricane, quite unlike flooding or an earthquake. Thus, most commercial insurance covers hurricane damage. 

Are Empty, Dilapidated Buildings Insured?

Empty warehouses, barns, shopping strip buildings, and other seemingly abandoned structures stand empty for many reasons such as financing. However, they, too, are susceptible to fire, theft, flooding, and other destructive events. Commercial insurance is a good idea if the owners don’t want to lose their money.

Does Commercial Insurance Deal With Mold Or Dry Rot?

Mold can be caused by leaking pipes. Dry rot, fungus, and mold are generally covered only if it’s caused by a circumstance described in the policy. 

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